It has been a crazy April Fool's Day and yet, somehow, the most unbelievable news is actually real.

Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is set to be released from prison today after appealing to the Bureau of Prisons. All he's missing is a signature from the Judge, who previously said that he is "inclined" to grant his release. 50 Cent caught wind of the news quickly and, already, he has issued his response on Instagram.

Sharing a screengrab from an old video on his page, 50 Cent seemingly directed his attention to Jim Jones in his post. Or, at least that's who people think he's talking to.

50 Cent 6ix9ine Jim Jones
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

"Now associate1 ya gonna have to tell everybody how you were on tape in court on the phone coaching Mel,to super duper violate shorty but the Feds never picked you up because you are doing your job Confidential informant," wrote 50 Cent. 

Of course, the reason why people believe Jim Jones is the real target of this message is because of the phone call that was played in court, where Mel Murda told the rapper that he would "super duper violate" 6ix9ine.

This likely isn't the only thing that 50 Cent will have to say about this today. The man was previously very close to 6ix9ine, referring to him as his "son."

Check out the post below.