The entire world is taking in this moment at the same time after Drake finally allowed us into his world, sharing the first-ever photos of his son Adonis. His 2-year-old is adorable with his bright blonde curly hair and blue eyes, which has got fans wondering where he got his looks from. Drake and Sophie Brussaux, the kid's mother, are both dark-haired. Apparently, Drake's mother's genes were strong with this one because, in comparison photos shared by 50 Cent, you can clearly see the resemblance between the two.

Reacting to the new photos of Adonis Graham, 50 Cent remarked that the little boy looks a lot like his grandmother, Drake's mom.

"Drake had his mom a grand baby for real, her genes are strong," wrote the rapper. "I bet she is so happy he looks like her."

Drake's mother, Sandi Graham, has the same blonde hair as Adonis does, which draws a direct line from grandmother to grandson. 50 Cent isn't the only person that thinks they look similar. Among the majority of reactions on social media, fans are making the same distinction too. 

If you haven't seen the new photos of Adonis yet, be sure to check them out above. Do you think he looks like his grandmother?