Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have been feuding over the past few days. The two have had issues with each other in the past but their most recent back-and-forth escalated pretty quickly. Both Fif and Floyd have brought each others families into the scenario. Yesterday, Fif's oldest son shared a screenshot of himself on FaceTime with his "uncle" Floyd Mayweather. However, 50 Cent doesn't seem like he wants to talk about it.

TMZ recently ran into 50 Cent and like usual, they were trying to get his reaction about the picture of his son Marquise FaceTiming Uncle Floyd. The cameraman continues to hit 50 Cent with questions pertaining to his recent back and forth with Floyd but the rapper didn't have any words to say about it. Instead, he continued to show love to his fans and stop to take pictures with them.

However, Fif did get a bit more talkative when it came to the upcoming episode of "Power." Earlier in the week, it was revealed that Kendrick Lamar would be flexing his acting chops on the next episode of the TV show. 50 Cent praised Kendrick Lamar for his work on "Power" while using the moment as an opportunity to promote the upcoming episode.

It looks like whatever Fif has to say to Floyd, he'll say directly.

Peep the full clip below.