50 Cent's bankruptcy has taken a backseat in terms of media fodder, replaced instead by stories about 50's meeting his "third" son (lies), and controversy regarding the Autistic teen he mocked-- among other controversies. If there's one thing Fif knows, it's how to get himself into some controversial news stories.

Today 50's bankruptcy case is back in the news, with a resolve underway. TMZ reports that a judge has signed off on a deal to put the case to bed, with a steep price. According to legal documents, 50 will be responsible for paying out $23 million to his creditors over the course of the next five years. $17 million is to go to Sleek Audio while Lastonia Leviston gets $6 million. 50 presented this plan to the judge back in February, however it's just now been approved.

50 Cent's lawyer released a statement on the case to TMZ, saying, "Mr. Jackson is pleased that the Bankruptcy Court approved his plan of reorganization today, less than one year after filing for chapter 11 to reorganize his financial affairs." The lawyer goes on to say, "Mr. Jackson appreciates the fresh start this process provides."