The other day, Safaree walked down the runway for a NYFW event in a somewhat suspect outfit. While he likely didn't have much say in deciding his attire for the show, he has still been severely roasted for rocking his belly-button revealing get-up. Although his relationship with Nicki Minaj has been over for years, he is still well-known within the entertainment world for dating one of the most prominent female rappers to ever live. Safaree is no stranger to getting totally flamed on the internet and his latest attacker is none other than everyone's favorite Instagram troll, 50 Cent

50 mocked Joe Budden last night, prompting a more immediate reaction but he also chose to have some fun with Mr. Samuels, asking him "What kinda drip is this?" The G-Unit star seemed incredibly amused at what he was witnessing as the pure monstrosity of such an outfit will cause some to react in extreme manners. Fiddy mentioned how Safaree has absolutely fallen off after his breakup with Nicki Minaj, centering his caption around the fact. "This how n---as look after Nicki leave them," wrote the entertainer, "The fuck is you a belly dancer n---a?" Of course, he ended the message with his signature "Get the strap" before signing out for the night.

In case you missed it, Safaree also fractured his neck while dancing, taking a slight L once again.