50 Cent's bodyguard finds himself in hot water after allegedly laying hands on a fan of 50 Cent. The bodyguard is now under criminal investigation according to TMZ.

The gossip outlet reports that Fif was shopping at Burbank Town Center on Sunday with his son when a stranger, Lazzeri Frazier, who was also with his son, decided to start filming him with his cellphone. When 50's bodyguard saw this, he allegedly came up from behind Frazier and snatched the phone out of his hand. Frazier then confronted the bodyguard which is when the bodyguard allegedly shoved Frazier and "hauled" him off. Things began to climax, and Frazier's 16-year old son soon stepped in. The son was reportedly punched in the face by the bodyguard.

The bodyguard apparently fled the scene before the cops arrived, and 50 Cent refused to speak to the police, although witnesses corroborated Frazier's story.

50 Cent is not a suspect, but the case will be sent to prosecutors.