As Lil Uzi Vert and Rich The Kid's months-long beef hits its peak, many are still freaking out over Uzi's fashion choices. When he ran up on Rich at Starbucks, he was rocking some bright pink sneakers, which ended up being clowned by many as videos were posted of the entire scuffle on Instagram. Uzi does not hold back when it comes to his expression of style and, although his looks are often critiqued by his naysayers, sometimes he pulls off a fascinating fit. Such was not the case during a recent performance, at least according to 50 Cent, as the New York legend took to his favorite social platform to troll Uzi over the look.

Lil Uzi rocked what appears to be a harness typically used in bondage and BDSM performances, pairing it with red leather pants on stage. Highly questionable to some, the "Money Longer" rapper's outfit was not received very well as famous troll 50 Cent hit him with the following statement, "what the fuck this boy got on ? Come on now, l like Uzi music but what the fuck is this😳?" Cooling off a little, the fit was still on 50's mind as he woke up, doing his research and finding a $25 sex toy harness that appears to be very similar to Uzi's shirt. 

Somehow Fif even incorporated the NBA Finals into his roast, photoshopping LeBron's face onto Uzi and noting that anybody in his way during game 3 is getting "fucked over." Of course, every one of his posts included his "get the strap" catchphrase. How are you feeling about Uzi's fit?