50 Cent seems to be pulling eyebrow-raising stunts on the daily. Sometimes he's good for a laugh, oftentimes he's trolling for attention. This most recent instance...well, you decide. 

Fitty was a recent guest, alongside Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, and British actress Julie Walters, on the U.K. talk show "The Graham Norton Show." He was asked about his new single, "9 Shots," the title off which refers to the notorious shooting he was involved in before his rap career took off, when he was struck by 9 bullets. And, apparently, a fragment of one of those bullets still resides in 50's tongue. 

The G-Unit boss proceeded to explain that the embedded bullet fragment changed the way he speaks, and he then revealed a positive that comes with having a bullet stuck in your tongue: "It's great for oral sex." 

Then came a priceless moment as Walters asked to touch the bullet lump on 50's tongue. After covering his tongue with a tissue, he abides and places the 65-year-old actress's finger in his mouth. 

There's no one else like him. Watch the clip below.