50 Cent's social media presence can be broken up into several different categories. There are his posts absolutely belittling his rivals, his loving displays of fatherhood with little Sire Jackson, his petty shots at his other son, thirst traps, expensive cars, and more. No matter what you're looking for from the veteran rapper, you're bound to get it on his Instagram. So far this week, Fif hasn't exactly picked a fight with anybody but he's close to adding Bow Wow back on his bad side. You may recall earlier this summer when Fiddy called out Shad Moss for picking up dollar bills after a visit to the strip club with Fif. Well, Curtis Jackson hasn't forgotten about that and in the comments to his latest thirst trap in the bathtub, both Bow and Trey Songz decided to have a quick laugh at Fiddy's expense.

"Damn 5, gon make a n***a block you mane," wrote Trey Songz in the comments after witnessing a photo of 50 Cent all soaped up in the tub. Bow Wow hit him back with a laughing emoji and left Curtis with a scowl on his face. "Hey @treysongz don’t bring this n***a to the party’s man," wrote the rapper about Bow Wow. "This lil n***a crazy, playing wit the money."

When Moss saw Fif's choice words, he struck again with a more detailed response. "Bro out here thirst trapping to get girls to show up at the party," he wrote. "Ima be in London anyway. Yall gone be on a boat with all my old work. Good luck." 

50 Cent didn't let his buddy walk away with the last laugh though. "You ain’t got no bitches lil n***a @future took all of them," wrote Fif, referring to Ciara. Yikes. This playful back-and-forth has stalled but we expect it to keep moving soon.