50 Cent is a household name in the entertainment business for a reason, constantly evolving his repertoire and adapting to an ever-changing media landscape with an ease that is the envy of many of his peers. Known primarily for his work as a rapper, he has used the fame gained from those 2000s-era records to propel him into the film and television domains, where his success is a testament to his work ethic and his charismatic, marketable personality. Now, via an announcement on his Instagram page, Fif is teasing a new project will be unlike anything his fans have seen before.

"I'm gonna shock you all with my next move," proclaimed Mr. Jackson, carefully crafting his words for maximum buzz-making potential. "I'm focused this year coming is gonna be so much fun." The caption, accompanying a black-and-white photo of a stern, focused 50 is sure to put whispers on the lips of show business professionals, as well as consumers of the products that 50 Cent has been putting out over the last few years. Be it his highly-regarded premium cable show Power, his new BET comedy program 50 Central, or any number of his other endeavors, it's clear that the rapper-turned-mogul is honing in on building an unassailable media empire.


What his next movie will be is being kept under wraps for now, but given his track record of being vocal on social media long before press releases make any showbiz news official, don't expect to be without an answer from 50 Cent for too much longer. After all, he's got so many projects at various stages of development, what's one more at this point?

His show Power might also be on the verge of adding another cast member to the fold. Gerard Butler, of 300 fame, was recently asked if he would consider signing on for a role on the hit STARZ series. His answer? Ask me after the wining and dining has taken place. It wasn't an outright no though, so maybe it's time Fif capitalize on this opportunity.