50 Cent is no stranger to controversy when it comes to his romantic trysts. He's been known to verbalize his feelings about his ex-girlfriends and, in some cases, their kids as well, even when they're not his actual biological offspring. However, the man who helped bring Power to television is now showing off the power of his wisdom by reaching out to another embattled hip-hop star via social media.

Fif took to his official Instagram page earlier today (August 8th) to speak the supposed truth about Usher's current legal situation. "So this is how it feels to be under attack 50?, YEP AND THEY ARE GONNA KEEP COMING TRUST ME," read the caption next to the picture that 50 uploaded, one of Mr. Raymond in a pensive, moody pose. For those who are unaware, Usher is currently embroiled in multiple lawsuits, stemming from previous sexual encounters that reportedly resulted in several women and at least one man acquiring an STD from the singer. Neither he nor his legal team have issued an official statement responding to these allegations, but the public mudslinging is already in full swing. 

Yesterday, a woman named Quintasia Sharpton (not related to the selfie-taking activist), is saying that they engaged in sexual activity after a show but he allegedly never informed her of having an STD. Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom says that these lawsuits could be worth several million dollars combined. In 50 Cent's case, these are his confessions about Usher's current state, and they definitely take his side.