50 Cent is at it again. In a thinly veiled attempt at self promotion, he took aim at millennials by constructing a stereotypical image of them as snitches. His Instagram post features a diptych separating an '80s baby' from a '90s baby' on the bottom panel. The '80s baby' is pictured in court, pulling out his middle fingers in defiance of the law. The bottom half depicts a young person, represented as a '90s baby,' pointing to the defendant in court. 50 finalizes his comparison by stating that "these n*****," in reference to millennials, are "telling shit the people didn’t even ask them."

50 is no doubt playing on themes present in his two crime dramas. He is also unquestionably passing judgement over what he believes to be a degradation of moral values, as he was likely raised in an honor system that demanded that people move in a certain way. Not to mention, he is also taking the piss like usual. That point isn't lost on me or anyone that figures in the conversation. 50 Cent like any 40 year old worth his weight in gold, knows how to code switch at the drop of a dime.