Following 50 Cent' s ongoing saga with the premium cable network STARZ concerning his well-received series Power has been an interesting bit of reading. First, there was the news that some recent episodes of the show were leaked online, supposedly unbeknownst to the rapper and those behind the show. 50 had fired a shot at STARZ at the time, and it wasn't the first time the two parties had butted heads. Then, there was the report that the network believes that Fif was the one who put those episodes up online for illegal consumption, an allegation that he never outright denied. Now, in his latest round of social media boasting about "Power," it doesn't appear like he's forgotten about that rumor and how it's painted him to the public.

50 Cent took to his official Instagram page to give a pointed recap of the show's newest ratings numbers and they're good. The most recent episode saw a 10% increase in audience size since the previous one, estimated at more than 1.8 million people who watched on the August 13th air date. There's no indication of how big their audience is in terms of online consumption through a legitimate service provider, but it's safe to say that 50 has a bona fide hit on his hands. Despite the public mudslinging between Mr. Jackson and STARZ, fans don't need to worry about the show being cancelled anytime soon. Back in 2016, the network made a commitment to the show and had renewed it through a fifth season.

Then there's the information that's slowly coming in about Fif's endeavors over at BET. The buzz continues to grow about his forthcoming small screen effort 50 Central, a late night show that will supposedly have an edgier take on the comedy normally seen in the format. Celebrity segments and interviews will be a part of the proceedings as well, but little else is known about the upcoming show at this time. Between this and Power, who knows if 50 will be returning to the music scene in the next little while, but he clearly has enough to keep him busy in other areas of the entertainment industry.