Nicki Minaj is in luck, for 50 Cent may no longer be interested in talking Power for hours. Minutes, perhaps. Fans are no doubt aware of Sunday's major development, but if you have yet to see the latest Power episode, and have for some reason decided to pursue this article regardless, rest assured that spoilers are imminent. Kanan is dead. 50 Cent's beloved antihero recently bit the bullet during a shootout with police, although few can dispute that he died doing what he loved. Given that Power has been so closely linked to 50's identity of late, one has to wonder if his departure will change the G-Unit legend's day-to-day.

TMZ recently caught up with 50 in the wake of his character's departure, inquiring about the series' ultimate fate. 50 remains confident that his series will continue to thrive, as fans remain invested in the overall story and world-building. Plus, his presence will continue to be felt as the show's executive producer, so it's not as if he's completely removed from the process. "It'll keep going, it'll be successful," says 50, "I think it'll keep going." 

Peep the clip below, as well as 50's guns-a-blazing exit from Power, in which he proves a fearsome foe for any NYPD officer in his way.