Hot 97 has been a pillar in hip hop for decades and, being in stationed in New York City, it has played a crucial role in promoting the music of those boroughs. While streaming service playlists have largely usurped the task of tastemaking, radio stations still possess some power and responsibility to boost artists and determine what's hot. Many believe regionalism has lost importance in hip hop, but 50 Cent still feels that NYC's scene must be preserved and packaged as its own entity. If he feels this isn't being done properly, he's going to hold Ebro accountable, one of the leading hosts at Hot 97. 

Fifty stopped by the station's studio recently to discuss all kinds of drama and projects going on in his life at the moment. Shortly after the interview started, Ebro said something that Fif interpreted as a shot at himself and, of course, he retaliated, namely by accusing Ebro neglecting New York rappers. "He messed up New York City hip hop," 50 claimed amid much laughter in the studio. "He's the program director. He didn't play that record. Jadakiss should be looking for you. Mad people should be looking for you after what you did to hip hop."

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

The Power mogul then said that Ebro's errors caused hip hop's hub and influence to relocate. "Now we gotta go down south," he continued. "Now you gotta go to Altanta. Everybody from New York sound like they from Atlanta because of him. Take responsibility for your actions." While this little spat seemed to be in jest, they say there's a grain of truth in every joke, so who knows how 50 really feels? 

Ebro responded to these accusations by arguing that 50's recent beef with French Montana can also be seen as destructive to the consolidation of New York hip hop. 50 then went on to clarify some misconceptions about said beef