Known to be quite the controversial figure on Instagram, 50 Cent has been the subject of much censoring on the part of Mark Zuckerberg's goons. When Zuck acquired Instagram a few years ago, he became the head honcho behind yet another major operation. The head of Facebook seems to have taken issue with 50 Cent's choice of content on his photo-sharing platform because people keep trying to take his account down. The last occasion where he was reported was likely warranted, posting a screencap from Teairra Mari's leaked sex tape but Fiddy thinks Instagram has crossed the line in suspending his account once again. While he's taken his frustration out on the social medium, he seems to have an idea of who is behind the attempts to take him down.

One of the more active members of the hip-hop community on Instagram, 50 wrote a message to the executives at the 'gram, telling them to stop following him around because there's plenty of questionable uploads going up elsewhere that have nothing to do with him. Telling IG to "get the strap," Fiddy said he was done with photos (again,) taking his talents back to Twitter where he is seemingly more free to post whatever he pleases. He didn't leave quietly though as, in true 50 Cent fashion, he called out one of his foes as the main culprit in reporting his posts. Labeling Ja Rule as the "b!tch that keep reporting me," Fif thinks that his longstanding rival has been in cahoots with Zuckerberg to have his account shut down.

We've already been to this rodeo. Earlier in the year, 50 took a brief hiatus from Instagram after a similar incident. With his most recent post coming an hour before publication, it's unlikely that 50 will stick to his promise of leaving the social platform.