Colin Kaepernick has great hair. We're not surprised to see people wishing to mimic his well-groomed afro but at a certain point, 50 Cent might just want to give it a rest. When everybody was sharing their Halloween costumes on social media, 50 Cent decided to try out a new look by way of Photoshop. Instead of his usual clean-cut look, Fiddy wanted to see how he would look with The Weeknd's old hair. He ended up not liking it that much as he's now made a switch, opting for Colin Kaepernick's hairstyle this time around, asking the fans if they're down with his new look.

50 Cent has been making a habit of editing his face on other famous people's bodies. He started with The Weeknd and now, he's moved onto former NFL star Colin Kaepernick. He may not have a job in the league but he remains one of the most famous faces in football. Kaep undeniably takes great care of his hair and 50 wanted to see if he could one day rock the fro for himself. Unfortunately, it seems as though he's not feeling this one any more than the last. "I don’t think it works for me," wrote the entertainer.

Some things you just have to leave for other people to enjoy. 50 Cent is an established artist, director, producer, businessman and much more. He may not have eccentric hair but he's still a star.