Earlier this week, 50 Cent angered people when he said he "wouldn't have a bad day" if his oldest son got hit by a bus. Fiddy has his differences with Shaniqua Thompson, Marquise Jackson's mother, but we didn't expect things to get this heated between Fif and his son. As he moves on to more suitable targets, Curtis appears to be weaning himself off his "positive vibes only" prescription, slowly getting back to "get the strap" form. His latest victim is Adrien Broner, who 50 decided to call out after witnessing the atrocity of his feet.

We're not gonna lie, he's got some pretty janky toes. Broner was showing off his new pedicure but ended up getting clowned in the comment section before 50 hopped on the bandwagon. This isn't the first time Curtis has gone after a boxer - just think back to all the times he's tried to ruin Floyd Mayweather's reputation. This time, he's ragging on Adrien Broner, telling him he should put a pair of shoes on. "You gotta wear sneakers when you do road work," wrote Fiddy.

As of now, the boxer hasn't responded. We're sure he'll be laughing about this though. Personally, maybe a trip to the podiatrist would be better suited than the salon?