A few years ago, 50 Cent took to his wildly-popular social media platform to tell his followers that he "wouldn't have a bad day" if he found out his eldest son, Marquise Jackson, was hit by a bus. The disrespectful remark followed years of savage comments here-and-again revolving around their strained relationship. 

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Their tensions have been a public matter ever since Marquise was a little boy. While 50 is clearly in love with his younger son Sire, he seemingly has a lot of resent in his heart for Marquise and his son's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins. During a recent live call, Marquise and Shaniqua spoke with Queenzflip about their problems with Fif, which included a never-before-told story about Marquise giving his father a kiss on the forehead amid their estranged relationship at the rapper's grandmother's funeral.

At approximately the one-hour mark of the grilling session, Shaniqua Tompkins began to speak about Marquise and 50, claiming that it's not all bad blood between them. She said that, at 50's grandmother's funeral, Marquise needed to walk by the rapper in the front row to view her body and, on his way, he stopped at the rapper and gave him a kiss on the forehead. 

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"We go to the funeral-- this was about six years ago-- we're already there, we're sitting on the family side. [50] comes in late with the girl Tatted Up Holly," said Shaniqua. "We go to view the body and to go view the body, you have to walk in front of [50] because he's in the first row. Marquise hadn't spoken to his father in years, it had to be about 2-3 years. He went over to his dad and kissed him on the forehead. So when you say ego, I'm lost with that one. If that wasn't a beautiful gesture... he went and kissed his father on the forehead and proceeded back to his seat."

Unfortunately, Shaniqua wasn't able to finish her story because, for some reason, Queenzflip shut it down. She was seemingly about to speak about something that had happened outside with Fif, but couldn't get to it.

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