50 Cent is a master of trolling, I mean we even had a breakdown of some of his most notable trolling moments. Recently, the rapper took his son to the G-Unit office and his son got his own dosage of trolling from his father.

50 Cent's youngest son, Sire, paid a visit with Fif to the G-Unit office earlier today. 50 hit the 'Gram to share an adorable moment with his kid. With the holidays just around the corner, Sire was asking his pops for his Christmas presents. Of course, 50 Cent is a hustler and takes any moment he can for taxation purposes so he told his son that if he wants his Christmas gift, he must massage his back. Of course, his son quickly obliged because what kid doesn't want to get an early peak at his Christmas presents? It's an adorable video and it's always cool to see Fif outside of being an entertainer.

Over the past few days, 50 has been sharing photos of Sire on Instagram as he's visiting for the holidays. One of the photos is of his son getting a pedicure. Fif captioned it, "This guy want to do everything he see me do, talking about these girls gonna like me when they see my feet."

Aside from prepping for the holidays, it was recently revealed that he and Starz have extended their partnership until 2019 with an eight figure deal. 

With that type of money, what do you think 50 Cent got Sire for Christmas?