Week after week 50 Cent gives the hate column a right to express itself. The week that was Sunday, February 11th through Saturday afternoon, saw hip-hop's resident bully come up short just the once: the ongoing catfight with the one Floyd Mayweather. Otherwise, it was all systems go for a rudderless 50 Cent with a complexity of choices on the table.

Let's not forget, most of 50 Cent's longtime rivals are only a flicker away from seeing their feuds re-ignited. Such is the case of a volatile ego left in the hands of a questionable innkeeper. With that being said, Fif found another roundabout way to ruffle Teairra Marí's feathers over an unpaid debt. And though he gave "revenge porn" lawsuit the amount of attention it likely deserved, 50 Cent's fixation of  Teairra Marí paled in comparison to his feelings on the Gucci boycott, concerning the brand's launch of a $900 sweater sporting an uncanny resemblance to "blackface." This is how 50 went about his bullying - follow me here.

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Having a bonafide rival to fall back on is good business. The latest round in 50's ongoing beef with Floyd Mayweather began with the latter party voicing his unpopular yet incisive opinion regarding the "Gucci boycott," undertaken by certain members of the Black community. Floyd's belief is that a temporary ban of Gucci would only suffice in handing the company a non-effectual bruise because as you might already know: the fashion brand is part of a larger consortium falling under the Kering conglomerate, holding the same position of power as sister brands such as Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga.

Floyd reckons that a Gucci boycott, under the current stipulations, amounts to a whole lot of automatic thinking or "fake advocacy," as he puts it. It just so happens that his rival 50 Cent was sitting cross-legged on the other side of the debate.

So without much trepidation, 50 Cent made his retort for Mayweather a highly-publicized affair, even though in retrospect, the "retired" boxer never once disparaged him by name over anything Gucc-related. But with 50 Cent's ego in a fragile state, things got petty, just as Floyd's opinion started gaining a following all its own across the Net. "Champ you need a publicist," 50 Cent wrote in his subsequent attack of Mayweather. "Man you saying all the wrong shit fool." 

In a prior Instagram post relating his stance on the boycott, 50 Cent pledged his entire Gucci wardrobe to goodwill. While the opinion polls regarding a "Gucci boycott" suggest a multitude of valid "social actions" remain in play, neither 50 Cent or Floyd Mayweather appears to be righter than wrong, and in truth, to reach a consensus based on the convictions of those affected by "blackface" would entail a whole lot of compression.

And yet, something tells me T.I. would have won the debate had the outspoken vet registered himself as a viable 3rd party in the debate. His release of "F*ck N***a" gives him the auspices of a clear winner, not because his opinion is better researched, but because he had the audacity to turn a talking point into a Godforsaken musical number.

TAKING THE FIGHT TO HARLEM'S FASHION MAVEN and demanding his paycheck.

As the beef with Floyd Mayweather went into intermission, 50 Cent redirected his bickering towards Dapper Dan, whom you probably know as the legendary designer who is often credited with breaking down the Color barrier in Fashion, long before Kanye West staked his claim. Fif's issue with the 74-year-old style maven stems from a hardline position diametrically opposed to his elder's course of action. 50 Cent thinks the "Gucci boycott" is a zero-sum game, whereas Dapper Dan prefers to work inside the rhombus.

His perceived disregard of marginalization notwithstanding, Dapper Dan absconded from his textile workshop to link up with the higher-ups at Gucci for an internal discussion concerned with finding a two-prong solution to the scandal. Obviously, 50 Cent was none too happy with Dapper Dan anointing himself a deputy of the people, so without further ado, he brought abject feelings to the sullied waters of Instagram.

Rest assured: under no circumstances was 50 Cent playing the middle road when he labeled Dapper Dan a c**n, his issue being: the 74-year-old ought to have chosen his allegiance(s) better. Through no coincidence at all, Dapper Dan was the very person who photographed himself with Floyd Mayweather this past week, right before the 2nd round of hostilities would come to pass. I rest my case on solid ground.

On the other hand, 50 Cent's social media activity was about as torpid as you'd expect from such a notorious bully. With "Floyd Mayweather" uncovered as a plausible source to 50's beguiling efforts against Gucci and Dapper Dan, the G-Unit mogul was able to refocus his attention on reclaiming the $30,000 potluck owed to him by Teairra Marí.

There's isn't a week that goes by where 50 Cent doesn't ruminate over the small change like a true villainous pedant. See you here this time, next week, and the week after NEXT for yet another ballistic report. Semi-retirement is a helluva of a manic spell to some.