6ix9ine has made it his mission to anger every single person in the music industry, and on Saturday, he did as much damage as possible thanks to some IG Live sessions with the likes of 600Breezy and Lil Reese. During both sessions, 6ix9ine was incredibly disrespectful to King Von and various other Chicago artists who have passed away as of late. While Reese preferred not to entertain 6ix9ine's antics, 600Breezy took another approach, as he gave a warning to the Tattle Tales rapper.

“You gonna die when I see you, respectfully ...” Breezy told 6ix9ine on Instagram Live. “I’m not Meek, n***a. And you gotta move around with security ’cause you a b**ch. You gotta move around with security ’cause you a hoe n***a … Real street n***as don’t move with security guards ... You gonna die n***a … Your security guards better be strapped, all that. You police, fed-ass n***a.”

Following this exchange, 600Breezy went back on Instagram where he explained that once 6ix9ine's money dries up and he can no longer afford security, it's going to be over for him. 6ix9ine eventually saw the video and commented saying "@lildurk COUSIN DIED, MANAGER CHINO DIED, & KING VIN DIED , you think I take them serious?"

Needless to say, 6ix9ine is crossing the line at every chance he can get, which is a schtick that he seemingly won't ever give up. When he was released from prison, 6ix9ine was given strict orders to stay out of trouble, and at this point, it's clear that he just can't let himself do that.


Bob Levey/Getty Images