6ix9ine is easily the most successful troll in hip-hop right now although the antics are certainly being spread a little thin at this point. As of right now, 6ix9ine is in Los Angeles where has been going on a tour to be as disrespectful as possible. Perhaps his most egregious act was when he visited a Nipsey Hussle mural with all of his security around while giving sly smirks to the camera. Of course, these antics have rubbed many the wrong way, with some Los Angeles natives demanding they see 6ix9ine in person.

Last night, 6ix9ine continued to troll as he posted a video from the large mansion he is supposedly staying at. In the video, 6ix9ine is being filmed in the pool, where he declares that Los Angeles is his city and that the people love him. He even goes on to say that people told him he could never come to the city, but no one has gone out of their way to touch him.

6ix9ine continued to taunt his enemies saying that even if they find the house he's staying in, he'll probably have vanished by the time the video is uploaded to social media.

It was yet another example of 6ix9ine's recklessness since coming home from jail, although it doesn't seem like he cares too much about being lowkey.