Megan Thee Stallion went through a traumatic experience a few weeks ago when she was shot in the foot and rushed to the hospital. Since the shooting, Meg has been feeling better as she continues to make some appearances on social media and connect with her fans. It's been an emotional time and her supporters are certainly helping her through it. So much so that last night, Meg went on Instagram Live and told her followers it was, indeed, Tory Lanez who shot her. These allegations sent shockwaves through social media as Meg all but confirmed what many had already assumed.

Unfortunately, there have been many people on social media who have labeled Meg as a snitch. While these claims are fairly ridiculous on the surface, there are still people out there taking them seriously. In fact, the snitch allegations have now found their way to 6ix9ine who went on Instagram and made light of the situation, as he typically does, noting that Meg is his new favorite rapper. While he doesn't say it expressly, it's not hard to deduce he is doing this because of the whole snitch discourse on Twitter.

6ix9ine's reaction to this is certainly predictable as it was only a matter of time that he would try to troll his way into the conversation. Regardless, we're sure Meg isn't too appreciative of his recent comments.