6ix9ine's attention-seeking brigade continues to persist, and this time, he's putting the power of choosing his next song title into the hands of his fans. 6ix9ine initially promised that the follow-up single to his explosive hit, "GOOBA," would be arriving yesterday, but the rapper later decided to push back the release date another week. However, despite the fact that this new song is supposed to be arriving in six days, 6ix9ine revealed that he actually hasn't come up with a title for it yet, and decided to let his fans assist him in naming the new tune. On Saturday (May 23rd), he announced on Instagram that the comment on his post that receives the most likes will officially become the name of his new song. 

So far, it looks like 6ix9ine's own comment, "Trollz ?" is the most liked of the bunch, which would ultimately defeat the purpose of the game. However, a few strong contenders are comments like "The snitcha" or "SNITCH 9ine," so he may end up having to rep a track about his notorious street cred faux pas. 

It was recently speculated that the song was going to be titled "TACO," and that it would feature past 6ix9ine collaborator, Nicki Minaj. While Nicki may still be featured on the new song, it looks like it won't be named after the Mexican dish after all.

What do you think the song should be called?