Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently being held in a general population prison. Although this situation has some of his fans worried for his safety, the rapper is only concerned with his family's well-being. According to the feds, Tekashi's unease is valid considering his gang ties. They believe the crew members that were fired from the entertainer's team want to "superviolate" him, an intimidation tactic steeped in revenge that can go as far as murder.

 Lance Lazarro, 69's attorney, visited his client on Tuesday. A report states his comment on the current situation. According to the lawyer, the "STOOPID" rapper is holding up quite well, considering his legal challenges. 

"Daniel’s mood is fine, because he knows he is innocent. He’s extremely concerned about his family."

Tekashi had been pleased to spend time with his family, especially his daughter who recently turned 3. He expressed relief and gratitude when he was able to be present for her birthday party, having been let off previous charges on probation.

His lawyer isn't focused on any potential threat from other incarcerated individuals. They have no submitted any request for protective custody. Still, the feds could make that call on their own if they deem his isolation to be beneficial to his safety while he remains in Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center.