It should be noted that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B recently declared an armistice after their feud reached an open boiling point. Since then, both parties have kept true to their word in moving on from one another. Unfortunately, 6ix9ine's trollish tendencies have rendered him incapable of letting a feud turn dormant. In what feels like a misguided attempt at loyalty to "team Nicki," 6ix9ine reportedly hired both Jade and Baddie Gi for the now-notorious Kanye West & Nicki assisted music video, two sisters embroiled in a legal battle with Cardi B.

Apparently, both sisters were on the music video set when the shooting went down; though production ultimately shut down, TMZ claims the sisters will likely remain in the clip, should it ever see the light of day. In footage here, they can be seen shopping at the Louis Vuitton store with 6ix9ine in tow. It's not quite clear whether he holds animosity toward Cardi, or if his loyalty to Nicki does, in fact, burn like molten rainbow-colored coal, though it's likely the decision will leave many feeling some type of way. 

In case you need a reminder, Jade and Baddie are currently suing Bardi over an incident that took place during the summer. So the story goes, Cardi B ordered an attack against the bartender sisters, which led to an all-out strip-club brawl. In the wake of the debacle, the sisters decided to hit Cardi with a lawsuit, which is currently ongoing. 

6ix9ine's former judge recently expressed regret over her lenient sentencing of the rapper. Perhaps this man needs to take a break from the internet.