The aura surrounding Tekashi 6ix9ine has been a curious one. Though many have prayed for the rainbow wonder's downfall, it seems as if the naysaying has only bolstered his rise. In truth, beef and conflict have played a pivotal role in shaping 6ix9ine's reputation, for better or worse; people love to hate a "heel," and Tekashi appears willing and able to play the part. Yet his reckless attitude has proved costly in the past. For one, the young rapper previously found himself kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint. His inflammatory antics also caused prosecutors to label him a danger to society, and thus, made his ongoing legal troubles all the more difficult. 

Now, it would appear that 6ix9ine is looking to block out the noise. Sources from TMZ claim that the rapper is in the process of tightening up his entourage, and cutting out anyone who isn't directly contributing to his musical endgame. Apparently, the rapper is looking for music industry professionals exclusively, as to better ensure longevity. Apparently, the decision also coincides with a rumored United States tour, which will likely catapult the rapper to another rung of the ladder. Say what you will about Tekashi, but it's good to see him buckling down, as the antics have frequently overshadowed his cause. Still, we've already seen him walk back on certain claims. Time will tell.