Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio is one of the most must-listen shows on the air right now. Every episode is as unpredictable as the last. Last week, Nicki awarded her "Cocksucker of the day" award to the women who posted photos of Geoffrey Owens working at a grocery store. Considering what happened over the weekend with Cardi B, this has to be the most anticipated episode yet. While she's already thrown some major shots at Cardi, saying she calls black women "monkeys and roaches" and coming through with the receipts from 2014, one man's appearance is flying a little under the radar.

As he was boarding a flight to Colombia, Tekashi 6ix9ine called in to show his support for the Queen again. This time, it wasn't all about Nicki as he conversed a little with Funk Flex, who was also a guest in the studio. When he told Flex how he was speaking with the "king of New York," he went on a little bit of a tangent about how people can't compare what he's doing now to figures that have been in the game for ten years. Then, he said the most quotable remark he's made in a while, claiming he's "better than Drake." Nicki tried to cut him off from making any further claims, yelling over him until he shut up.

Drake is the hottest artist in the world and he has been for years. For 6ix9ine to compare himself to the hitmaker seems a little absurd but considering his previous remarks, we're not all too surprised. Check out some of the best reactions below.