It doesn't matter what consequences may arise; 6ix9ine is simply incapable of renouncing his trollish ways. The rainbow haired-phenom previously ducked a slew of potentially severe legal charges, ultimately being placed on probation in lieu of jail time. Yet the rapper has yet to shake the drama that tends to surround him. In fact, he's continuing to immerse himself in a variety of feuds, despite promises to spurn the antics in favor of a more straight-and-narrow path. Unfortunately, his old rivals, like YG, are unwilling to let old feuds slide. Yesterday, the Young Gangsta took a few shots at Tekashi, sarcastically inquiring after the well being of his chains.

Following the exchange, YG found himself in a harrowing car accident. Luckily, the rapper emerged unscathed, after the Uber he was taking managed to crash into somebody's lawn with no discernible explanation. After Akademiks reported on the incident, Tekashi simply couldn't resist the urge to chime in. "I was chasing him," writes 6ix9ine. "He Got Scared."

Though essentially harmless, it's likely that YG will be, at the very least, mildly annoyed by 6ix9ine's unsolicited commentary. It wouldn't be surprising to see Young Gangsta double down on the Tekashi, who has shown little to no ability to back down from a confrontation. Say what you will about 6ix9ine, but the young rapper has shown an aptitude for navigating the Billboard charts; it would be a shame for his reckless temper to be his undoing.