We'll soon be hearing about Tekashi 6ix9ine's fate after he reportedly cooperated fully with the feds in his largescale racketeering case. The one-time superstar rapper experienced a historic fall from grace after he was nabbed alongside a handful of his buddies, who he later ratted out after learning he could spend his life in prison. The puzzle pieces are starting to place themselves with Shotti receiving his sentence yesterday and other members of the Nine Trey gang learning how much time they'll spend behind bars. We haven't necessarily gotten too many updates on 6ix9ine himself but overnight, his girlfriend of one year, Jade, decided to share a throwback video to remind everybody of how much she misses her man.

They may have only dated for a matter of weeks when he was a free man but Jade and 6ix9ine are showing signs that they could be the real deal. For starters, the woman has gotten at least three tattoos of the rapper on her skin and she continues to share her memories with him online. The most recent upload came via her Instagram profile, where she posted a clip of herself grinding on the colorful crooner. The night Jade captured the video is seemingly one of her favorites in memory, noting that they got intimate in the car after leaving the club. "This night I wish I can rewind it," she wrote. "We had sex in a bullet proof truck."

Not sure why she felt like including that last bit of information but... she is dating 6ix9ine so I guess it makes sense.