6LACK broke his rule of only posting black-and-white Instagram photos to announce the birth of his daughter, Syx Rose Valentine:

"I was about to go on stage all the way across the country when I got the call that your mom was going into labor early, and all I could do was cry until I heard you make your first sounds. A moment that I'll never get back, and may never get over, but a moment I feel like I prepared myself for. God makes no mistakes. Just like that, my life revolves around a new person, and that person is an extension of me. The greatest feeling ever. For so long I've seen the world in a way that was always beautiful, but still I felt like something was missing and now I know what it was. My new light, you... your mother has the strength of something from another world & everyday I thank God for the blessing of someone who basically went through this process on her own most days & made it look so easy while I was away trying to secure the future. For that I'm forever grateful, and now we both get to experience & share unconditional, limitless, supernatural love. The world just gained another angel & I'm lucky enough to be her father."

Congrats to 6LACK! For the unfamiliar, read our primer on the Atlanta artist and his recent rise to prominence.