6lack is finally gearing up to bestow some new music upon the world, leading the charge with singles "ATL Freestyle" and his birthday release "Float." The new EP, titled 6pc Hot, was finally announced a few days ago, although the ATL singer teased a "birthday EP" prior to that.

As far as the EP goes, he had yet to reveal the tracklist until this afternoon. However thanks to international markets and streaming services, we were able to determine that there was a Lil Baby feature on the EP, with the early release of "Know My Rights" featuring Baby.

Keeping in line with the fast food and chicken wing theme of the cover artwork, 6lack's back cover for 6pc Hot features a waitress at a restaurant of the same name, with the menu plastered on the wall behind her, and a tray of food in front of her. She looks sideways to the camera, her mouth cinched at the side in a knowing sort of way. 

The menu behind her is where you'll find the 6 songs on the tracklist. Lil Baby does indeed appear to be the only featured artist.

Check out the artwork below as well as the full tracklist. Stay tuned for the EP to arrive at Midnight.

6pc Hot Tracklist

1. ATL Freestyle

2. Long Nights

3. Float

4. Know My Rights feat. Lil Baby

5. Elephant In the Room

6. Outside