6LACK out here making fan's dreams come true. On Friday, a story surfaced that the Florida singer visited a woman in the hospital this week after she missed his show & meet-n-greet opportunity due to going into labor.

On the day of 6LACK’s concert, a fan named Amber went into labor and wasn't able to see the Florida singer live in person. She even had a meet-n-greet ticket, but unfortunately all that went to waste. So she tweeted @ him, asking if he wanted to come visit her at the hospital, and it worked!

“Hey @6LACK I’ve tweeted you all week apparently my friends bought me a ticket to meet you, but I’m going into labor...so if you just wanna stop by the hospital on your way in or out if Indy,” she wrote. Then 6LACK responded, saying “see you tomorrow.”

Keeping his word, 6LACK went and visited the young woman at the hospital, even gifting her with a teddy bear, but that wasn't the only present she received. Her newborn child was offered a lifetime surplus of tickets to see 6LACK whenever he wants to too. Lol.

A real standup move from 6LACK right here. Check out the photo and tweets (below). Salute to 6LACK.