A New York woman suffered a fateful blow to the head earlier this year when a chair fell from a penthouse and landed forcefully on her head. The victim, twenty-four-year-old Annabel Sen, was struck while walking near 15 Union Square West.

The presumably peaceful occurrence on that windy day took a jaded turn when the chair emerged from the terrace of a 12th story residence. Since the incident, Sen has undergone three surgeries to treat her injury.

The owner of the residence was revealed to be none other than Michael Rubin, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils. While his ownership of two major sports teams and a penthouse suggests he comes from a lifestyle of means, there has not been any official note on his legal exposure and/or the potential need for a financial settlement.

Sen's lawyer, Benedict, Morelli, said of the event, “For days in advance, they were talking about how windy it was going to be and what heavy rain it was going to be.” He continued, insinuating the furniture’s owner had acted inconsiderately, “That furniture should have been inside to begin with, and if not, it should have been tied down very securely.”

Sen did not speak for an interview with CBS New York, the outlet which originally reported the incident. The outlet, did however display photos of Sen taken before and after the event. The latter photos depict substantial swelling alongside her head, as she recovers from the traumatic occurrence.