Jorge Nava, one of the most recognizable faces from "90 Day Fiancé" was caught with approximately 300 pounds of weed in his car. The reality television star was looking at a class 2 felony charge and up to 24 years spent in prison for his crime.

His lawyer was able to reduce the severity of the crime to a class 4 felony, thanks to a plea deal. The sentence was adjusted in accordance, dropping to 2 and a half years behind bars.

Nava is upset considering that the substance he was carrying is legal in many American locations. Although his sentence was reduced, the reality television star still believes that his punishment is exaggerated. Nava will likely be placed on 5 months parole after serving his time.

Despite his legal troubles, his wife  Anfisa Arkhipchenko is sticking by her man's side. The Russian model, who is infamous for shamelessly marrying Nava for his money, is committed to supporting her husband while he faces these legal consequences.

"There's really nothing wrong with our relationship right now. We've been really good these last couple months. She's been here supporting me through this whole journey and she's gonna be with me through this who process and after that too. I really don't see us splitting up."

Anfisa posted a video of the couple in support of her Nava's challenges.

"This Friday is going to be a very important day in our lives... Jorge has his sentence hearing. He’s going to need all of your support.
#FreeJorge #PrisonBae #HotFelon"