Vinyl has been making a resurgence lately. In fact, 2016 marked the first time ever that vinyl sales were higher than digital music sales in the UK, and the US has shown they’re also down for some old school vinyl. Plenty of artists have created vinyl pressings for their music, including Rihanna, Drake, Jay Z and more. Reggae/rock jam band Slightly Stoopid has taken the vinyl medium to the next level by creating a record made entirely of hash.

You read that correctly. The band has pressed two versions of their single “Dabbington” so far, spending $6,000 on hash for each, with an additional $1,000 toward stamping and mastering the hash record. Unfortunately, the first two pressings produced a sound quality that they’ve described as passable and questionable, respectively. Also, potheads in Silverback Music office couldn’t help but chip pieces off for their own personal enjoyment, rendering the first pressing unusable.

There is a third pressing planned to happen soon, which the band’s label will either end up as an art piece or in a charity auction. Turns out making vinyl out of weed isn’t as effective as listening to music on weed.

[via Billboard]