A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie just wants to see his daughter and according to the Bronx-bred rapper, "everything" is getting in the way of him being able to do just that. 

The rapper hopped on multiple social platforms to post up messages that insinuated that outside forces, namely his mother's child, were keeping him from seeing his two-year-old daughter Melodee, the offspring of Boogie and longtime girlfriend Ella Rodriguez, known to many as social media personality Ella Bands.

"I miss Melody odee rn," he wrote in an Instagram story post. "Seems like everything is trying to stop me from seeing her. Don't wanna talk to nobody but her rn."

He would soon hop on Twitter to double down on the message, expressing his need to just talk to Melodee: "All this hidden pain I’ve been going thru.. I just wanna see my babygirl Melody."

He added in another tweet: "I need a studio ASAP right now, Artist 2 Vibes."

Soon enough Rodriguez piece up on her own social accounts to clear the air, making it known that she is not keeping A Boogie from seeing their daughter as many would assume.

"I don't know why this boy posting shit like I don't let him see his child," she wrote on her own Stories. "It's not my fault u wait till I catch u cheating to finally let us go come on tour and now it's just bring Melody knowing I don't wanna come anymore. This man trynna switch shit on me and involve my child."

At this point, it's not clear if the pair has called it quits as they were spotted together enjoying a family day not too long ago. They began dating a few years ago, giving birth to their daughter in February of 2017. 

If all this pain is bringing A Boogie to the point of putting it into music for another output, he may want to let Hoodie SZN simmer down first as the project still boasts a spot on the Billboard 200's top 10, landing at No. 6 just today.