Among New York's shining young stars is A Boogie wit da Hoodie, quickly becoming one of the brightest talents to recently come out of the state. There has always been a colossal amount of capable rappers from New York given the state's history, and the crop of artists to come out of NY in the last few years is no different. As one of the stars of his city, A Boogie has garnered the attention of new and old cats alike, and the success of his album The Bigger Artist has skyrocketed his rise. Among those who are messing with the kid are 50 Cent, who A Boogie spoke about in an interview. 

In an interview with HipHopDX, A Boogie said that he's been receiving a lot of love from the older artists who established a platform for New York City rappers. He and 50 chopped it up, talking about how younger talent needs to recognize how hip-hop was built from nothing, and how the older generation paved the way for them. The conversation likely stemmed from the controversy surrounding Lil Xan's comments about Tupac. Among his 50 anecdotes, A Boogie said that the two have music on the way, already having recorded one track with two others coming before the end of the week.

Whether or not the songs will be used as singles, potential mixtape or album tracks or throwaways to be kept in the stash for a while, the prospect of the two working together is exciting for fans of East Coast rap as collabs with one of the potential "kings" of New York could be just what A Boogie needs to get to the next level.