Both SZA and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie have something in common. The TDE songstress and 2017 XXL Freshman both delivered some of 2017's strongest projects, with CTRL and The Bigger Artist respectively. SZA's debut album featured many moments of musical brilliance, but the true highlight was the vulnerable nature of her lyricism and vocals; even those who might not relate to her subject matter can still appreciate the sincere emotion behind the message. Evidently, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie found something to love about the album, and the young Bronx rapper recently shared a teaser of his upcoming new single - an acoustic remix of SZA's "The Weekend." 

In the Instagram clip, A Boogie captions it by saying "Doing a mix to SZA “the weekend” Acoustic version. Ima call it “Weak Days," before shouting out the singer with a direct tag. From the sound of it, A Boogie's version sounds like an intimate rendition, with a finger-picked acoustic guitar arrangement and subdued percussion. Lyrically, it seems as if A Boogie is picking up where SZA's narrative left off, only from the man's perspective this time around. "You know I got a girl," croons A Boogie, showing off a nice set of vocal chops, "the feeling is wrong, but wrong feels so right, and I've been waiting tonight, yeah." 

The track cuts off before it can really pick up steam, but from the brief snippet, it's shaping up to be some fire. Ultimately, A Boogie's The Bigger Artist was one of the new generation's stronger efforts this year, and this SZA remix looks like he's only going to continuing evolving as an artist. Plus, the minimalist arrangement opens the door for some seriously powerful remixes, especially if SZA herself decides to hop on board. Keep an ear out for "Weak Days" to drop, which shouldn't be too long, considering the track already sounds mixed.