When two artists click together, it can lead to incredible results. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie seems to know that well, as he's entertaining the possibility of doing some collaborative projects of his own.

Having just released his new EP, The International Artist, A Boogie is already looking towards his next project. While he's likely to drop a full length album next, A Boogie told Billboard that he's interesting in doing an entire project with one of his frequent collaborators: Tory Lanez.

"Me and Tory Lanez got good chemistry together. We could make a song so easy, but we always like to figure out what we're really doing," said A Boogie. "We can make a good song, but it gotta make sense. Our melody game is crazy. We everywhere with that shit. Shout-out to Tory Lanez."

Tony Lanez made an appearance on the track, "Best Friend," off The International Artist, and it seems that A Boogie will be returning the favor with a feature on Tory's upcoming project, Love Me Now. Despite their obvious chemistry, A Boogie isn't quite ready to actually confirm anything as of yet.

"We got a few songs together," A Boogie says. "We just got to link up together and finish more songs. From there, we can do the damn thing."

It isn't just Tory that he's considering doing a project with, as A Boogie also mentions Young Thug as someone he's made songs with already.

"It's the same shit with me and Thugger," says A Boogie. "We got like six joints together, but you know me, I like to create more music and then just put it out."