In his early career, you couldn't talk about Drake without mentioning his acting past on teen soap opera Degrassi. While he'll never fully live down his days as Wheelchair Jimmy, the rapper has managed to turn his personal image around, but he hasn't left his acting days behind him for good.

With the release of Please Forgive Me, his new short film and accompaniment to the multi-platinum, VIEWS, Drake is back to reading scripts, but it's far from the first time he's done so within his rap career. Drizzy has been incorporating acting into his music videos from the beginning, and today, we're looking back at those moments. It should be noted, that we're going specifically with spoken dialogue and skits in Drake's videos, which have ranged from hilarious to hilarious to extremely sincere.

Click through the gallery to check out the various videos he's added his acting chops to. Which was the most successful?