Some might say Suge Knight isn't having the best year, and it's only just begun. The co-founder of Death Row Records started off 2015 with a murder charge to his name, not to mention, he's suffering from a few medical issues stemming from 2014's shooting. Although 2015 sounds like it's been a bad year for Suge, when you compare it with every other year that he's been active in the industry, it's really nothing new.

We've done just that, with a timeline detailing Suge's many legal and criminal troubles, from murder to traffic violations. Although he's definitely had a few highs when it comes to the music industry, he's also had his fair share of lows- as you can see below (we'll save his triumphs for the next timeline).

Currently, Suge is awaiting his bail hearing, which might not be for another six weeks. Until that time, he remains locked up.

Take a look at the full timeline below.