Bursting onto the scene with rainbow hair and a multi-colored grill, Brooklyn-bred rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine lit up social media with his unique brand of face tats and flamboyant style, that soon placed a target on the up-and-comer's back. Proudly brandishing his IDGAF attitude to his burgeoning Instagram fanbase which now boasts over 3 million followers, 6ix9ine has been nothing but vocal about the fact that, to him, haters are nothing other than wannabe groupies salivating over his spinning chain and designer duds. 

Along with dodging shots aimed at his sexual orientation and the legitimacy of his street cred, 6ix9ine's meteoric ascent has been plagued by serious legal controversy as well. Overshadowing the rise of his Billboard-charting breakout hit "Gummo," that now boasts over 154 million YouTube views, news of the rapper's past legal troubles branded the New Yorker as a predatory sex offender. Several months before "Blicky got the Stiffy" memes started making waves on social media, fellow Brooklyn rapper ZillaKami shed light on 6ix9ine's past case in which he pled guilty to one felony count of Use of a Child in a Sexual performance after a video surfaced of a nearly nude 14-year-old girl draped across the lap of the then-18-year-old rapper.

Unsurprisingly, the "Kooda" rapper has been making the rounds to distance himself from the damaging PR despite the fact that he plead guilty to the offense in a court of law. 

“Yo, when I found out the girl’s age, bro, gangsta, I wrote a letter of apology to her, her family... she was in a group home...that shit hurt my heart, you know what I'm saying?" said the rapper in a November 2017 interview with DJ Akademiks aimed at addressing his sexual misconduct charges. "'Cuz I lost my father, so I understand when people don't got a certain parent, you know what I'm saying? But I thought she was of age, she was just wildin'...you know how these girls be, bro. Bro, I didn't even know shew as gonna come back and bite me. Everybody will tell you what type of person I am."

From Trippie Redd to YG and The Game, the Internet famous rainbow-haired rapper of the moment has made some high-profile enemies both in the industry and on the street. Here, we've compiled the numerous beefs top names on the scene have with the self-titled and oft-disputed "King of New York."