For the past couple of months, reports have been alleging that Apple will be releasing a modified version of their lower-priced iPhone SE model. As a result, tech-savvy individuals have been pondering how the device will look, function, and differ from the original model. 

The rumour mill seems to be gearing into overdrive with a YouTube video that showcases a possible iPhone SE 2. The potential prototype comes replete with a glass back that will enable wireless charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack. In comparison, the original model came equipped with an aluminum back and small glass panels on the top and bottom. Meanwhile, the front of the phone remains aesthetically/functionally identical to its antecedent, as the Touch ID sensor, front camera layout, bezels and display are retained for this updated model. However, an A10 processor may be included, which will give the device more internal power. 

While the device showcased in the video could be a knockoff, 9to5Mac reveals that this specific manifestation resembles some leaked shells that circulated on the Internet in March. 

Peep the device in the video below: