Late last night, after a few delays as well as a number of different and increasingly confusing tracklists, 300 Entertainment finally released Young Thug's third project of the year: No, My Name Is Jeffery. Just before, Thug shared what has to be the most memorable album cover of the year, showing him in a floor-length periwinkle dress with his face obscured by an umbrella-like hat that, the likes of which has never before sat on a rapper's head. But with this project, Thug is intent on proving himself to be far more than just a rapper. Indeed, the album's title is a way of shedding the traditional notions associated with the name Young Thug.

So what to expect? Well, there are certainly increased attempts at pop accessibility, and deep forays into love, sexuality, and other fantasy worlds normally not touched by rappers, or at least not those who came up making trap music. There are, however, incredible bouts of rapping...alongside yapping, squawking, and screaming. It's like no other project he's made before, but that has been said many times before. Fans have stuck around due to his continued ability to evolve, and it's promising that stardom has only increased his desire to push the envelope even further. Executive produced by TM88 and Wheezy, and with features from Gucci Mane, Quavo, and Offset, he's got the best talent in Atlanta supporting his bold new vision.

Upon early listening, we have put together a quick rundown of what makes each Jeffery track special. Listen as you scroll through the galleries, and let us know favorite moments from the album in the comments.