Meek Mill, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, has constantly attempted to ascend the life of the streets and become a rap legend, or at the very least, a rap mainstay. Although his status as a skilled lyricist has been solidified, the street life has habitually affected Meek’s career. Born and bred as a Philly battle rapper, Meek signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle imprint at the age of 20-years old. After being arrested for gun and drug charges in 2008, Meek’s career was in danger. Hungry and determined, he teamed up with Grand Hustle’s resident DJ, DJ Drama, and released Flamers 3, the most successful mixtape of Meek’s career at the time. Still, the street life threatened Meek’s career, and a string of violations coupled with T.I.’s own legal battles led to the termination of Meek’s Grand Hustle contract. A year later, Rick Ross would sign the aspiring rapper to his Maybach Music Group imprint. Throughout his time at MMG, Meek has been locked in a battle with the legal system. Failed drug tests, assault charges, unreported traveling, and braggadocios threats aimed at the prosecutor have kept Meek in a perpetual state of violations since his initial arrest in 2008.

As we reported, Meek was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for continued parole violations by Judge Genece Brinkley. The tumultuous relationship between Meek and Judge Brinkley of the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas has taken almost a decade to reach its breaking point. Here’s our timeline of Meek’s constant struggle to separate his street life, from his music career, and the role Judge Genece Brinkley has played in each encounter with the law.



At 18 years old, Meek Mill is arrested for assaulting police and possessing a firearm. Meek stated that he simply walked outside armed, but two black police officers claim that he chased them down and fired at them. This is Meek’s first arrest as an adult, and it would motivate him to leave the streets behind and take his rap career seriously.


Meek is arrested for gun and drug charges in early 2008. Judge Genece Brinkley sentences Meek to 11-23 months in prison, but he would be released on a probation/good behavior plea in 2009. The original bargain resulted in a 5-year parole period, but the sentence has since been extended. Judge Brinkley and Meek have spent the last decade locked in a acrimonious legal battle regarding this arrest.


Judge Genece Brinkley determines that Meek violated probation, by booking shows out of state, without reporting to his probation officer. At the time, Judge Brinkley was working to secure Meek a travel permit for work, but the MMG rapper decided to go on tour regardless. Meek was warned by the judge not to leave the state until the travel permit was secured.


Meek violates probation once again, by not reporting travel plans to his probation officer. After hearing of his violation, Meek takes to social media to air his grievances. Taking offense to his social media rant, Judge Brinkley sentences Meek to etiquette classes, viewing his tirade as threatening.


Meek is sentenced to 3-6 months in prison for probation violation. Judge Brinkley states that he gave the court a non-working phone number, and once again did not update his probation officer of his travel plans. To make matters even more complicated, Meek shared an Instagram post of himself wielding a gun. In court, Meek’s lawyer would argue that the gun was a prop, and that Meek’s phone sometimes lost service. However, July of 2014, Brinkley sentences Meek to 3-6 months in prison. He gets released in December of 2014.


Meek violates probation, once again, after failing a drug test and traveling to New York without alerting his probation officer. While he admitted to problems with painkillers in the past, Judge Brinkley blames this incident on his romance with Nicki Minaj. Nicki was on tour throughout the year, and during their extremely public relationship, Meek left Philly several times to join his girl on the road. Brinkley sentences Meek to 6-12 months in county jail, but allows him to serve the time on house arrest. Brinkley also adds six more years of probation to Meek’s term. Ouch.


Meek gets charged with assault after an altercation with someone who was hounding him for a picture at the St. Louis International airport. The charge was thrown out, but, unfortunately, the MMG rappers winds up catching another charge for reckless driving in New York, after he's caught popping wheelies for a music video shoot. Although that charge would also get dropped, being arrested while on parole counts as a violation. When appearing in court for the two charges, Judge Brinkley hands Meek her most horrendous sentencing yet, 2-4 years in prison. Currently, Meek’s team is preparing to appeal the sentencing.