If you thought a quarantine would keep Aaron Carter from making headlines, you were mistaken. The former child star has been entangled in a stream of controversy over the last six months. He openly accused his Backstreet Boys brother of raping women and claimed his sister Leslie, who passed away from a drug overdose in 2012, sexually abused him when he was a child. There were allegations that he threatened his family members and Aaron was hit with restraining orders. After being forced to turn over his firearms, Carter resurfaced on reality TV with his mother on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition. With a new girlfriend by his side, some thought Aaron Carter was moving in a better direction, but a recent report states otherwise.

On Monday (March 30), TMZ reported that Aaron and his girlfriend, Melanie Martin, were engaged in a physical altercation. According to the publication, police responded to a call that came in on Sunday (March 29) evening. The couple was at Carter's home in Lancaster, California when a verbal argument turned violent.

Responding officers interviewed both Aaron and Melanie and decided that she was the aggressor in the fight. She was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence. Officers took photos of Aaron's injuries and booked Melanie and she's currently being held on $50K bond. Aaron Carter later told TMZ that there's no chance that he would reconcile romantically with Melanie, but he did share that she allegedly told him she was pregnant immediately before they began to argue. Aaron doubts the validity of her revelation. Check out his video chat with TMZ below.