Aaron Hernandez had a promising career with the New England Patriots but it was ultimately derailed thanks to poor choices that ended up leading to the murder of Odin Lloyd. Lloyd played semi-pro football and Hernandez was convicted of his murder back in 2015. Just two years after being convicted, Hernandez died of suicide in his cell. His death came only a few days after being acquitted in a separate double murder case. Due to a stipulation in the law, Hernandez' conviction was thrown out at the time. The law states that someone who dies before the appeal process is allowed to have their record expunged.

According to boston.com, the Supreme Judicial Court have overturned this ruling, which means Hernandez' conviction has been reinstated. They stated that the legal ruling which led to the previous decision is ‘‘outdated and no longer consonant with the circumstances of contemporary life.’’

This new ruling will now set a legal precedent, meaning any future cases will be dealt with the same way Hernandez is being treated now. 

‘‘We are pleased justice is served in this case, the antiquated practice of vacating a valid conviction is being eliminated and the victim’s family can get the closure they deserve,’’ Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III Tweeted. Quinn III was the prosecutor on the Hernandez case.