Ab-Soul delivered a banger yesterday which featured ScHoolboy Q, "Hunnid Stax." Although Mac Miller wasn't credited on the track, mid-record you can hear Mac drop a few slow-paced bars before the track picks up pace again. Now in a new interview with XXL, Soulo reveals that Mac Miller's L.A. crib was where the majority of his recording sessions for These Days... went down, so it's unsurprising Mac got a few lines in (and we can always hope for a full feature on the upcoming LP).

Soul revealed, "I recorded most of it at Mac Miller’s house. Very nice house in LA. We had a lot of fun. That’s rap camp. [Laughs] He’s moving, too, unfortunately. He’s upgrading, but we had a lot of fun in that red room. Very psychedelic, you could lose track of time. Just open the door and it’s daylight. People like recording there ’cause of the vibe. All the artists you named [ScHoolboy Q, Vince Staples], great artists. We just go in there and have fun."

A few other interesting facts came up when Ab was asked if JMSN and Jhene Aiko are going to make the album: "Yeah, they’re my guys. They blessed me on the album. You can definitely look for them on there," he replied."

He also provided an update on when you can expect Longterm 3, "I just gotta make sure I’m rich first. You know what I am saying? That Longterm 3 is the lifestyles of the rich and famous. That’s the whole concept. When you heard that I got rich, you’ll probably see that coming very soon. If that happens…a dollar is a funny thing, too. Today’s rich might be tomorrow’s rich. Just hope for the best."

These Days... drops on June 24th.